Trenton’s Ceramic Page.

Welcome to my ceramics mage, where I will showcase my process and progress on various ceramic projects.

Latest from the Blog

Week 12

Well, here we are on the final week of the semester. And what a semester it has been. Hard to believe it flew by so fast. We had our final critique, and we showcased all that we made. Unfortunately, the lindworm didn’t go quite as expected, but someone said that it looks like something youContinue reading “Week 12”

Week 11

Hard to believe how much time has passed. So today my pieces have been fired, and while I am excited that its finally done, I feel a tad bit underwhelmed. Sometimes with my projects I tend to bite off more than I can chew. I get a really cool idea that sounds very plausible inContinue reading “Week 11”

Week 10

Last class I was busy working on the top of my lindworm’s head. I managed to finish it. Unfortunately, its way too top heavy to attach my normal means, so it will get fired as a separate piece to attach later. I’ll see if I can assemble the rest of the body with all theContinue reading “Week 10”

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