Trenton’s Ceramic Page.

Welcome to my ceramics mage, where I will showcase my process and progress on various ceramic projects.

Latest from the Blog

Fall Week 7

Last week I finished slipping my No Base project, and it is currently in the kiln. Now that it is done for now, I could focus more on the next assignment, which is the Mixed Media one. The focus has to do with memory, so I decided to do a memory centering around me drawingContinue reading “Fall Week 7”

Fall Week 6

I unfortunately forgot to do the last blog since it slipped through my mind, but to summarize, the No Base project went by with some minor hiccups. The first was trying to get the pieces placed in, as they ended up hardening a bit. Which I guess was inevitable, since they were the first piecesContinue reading “Fall Week 6”

Fall Week 4

Last week was when we had our critique, as well as our last week working on the wheel. I only managed to get 2 goblets done, but with the feedback I received, it seemed that they went rather well. I was also given the opportunity to make a few more, so I might do thatContinue reading “Fall Week 4”

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